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Brushing twice a day is a great start – but the only way to have really clean teeth is to visit your dentist regularly.  The dentist will check on your teeth and gums, and identify any areas of concern before they become painful and potentially costly emergencies.

By having regular dental check up & cleans, you can easily maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth.  Our Clinic provides preventative dental care through 6 or 12 monthly dental check-ups. During these visits, we check and clean your teeth, and we will discuss any oral health issues we identify.

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Our dental professionals are love looking after th whole family – from the grandparents, right through to the kids who are getting their first teeth. Our examinations are made fun and accessible for them, yet still professional enough to have a thorough evaluation of your child’s dental health

Prevention Before Treatment!

Check Up and Clean Services

Regular check ups are an important part of maintaining your overall oral health.  This allows us to detect any problems early, allowing you to reduce expensive dental emergencies, and avoid dental pain where possible.

Keeping your teeth and gums pristine, will reduce the risks of gum disease – which if left untreated, can lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, or loose teeth.  It can also lead to a variety of serious health problems.

We will always check on your general health, medications, and other issues as part of your visit – to ensure that you are safe in our hands.   Checking on your medications and allergies as part of our service – is one of the key ways we make sure your visits are safe for you – along with checking your gums, tongue and soft tissue for early signs of oral cancers.

We always conduct a full assessment of your mouth including the position of your teeth (and have any of them moved), your bite, jaw joints, lymph nodes, any signs of gum disease or tooth decay, and your soft tissue check as well.

As part of your dental check-up at Phillip Island Dental, we will take super low dose X-Rays, which helps us diagnose whats going on early.   New patients, and those with crowding issues (or developing kids) will also have an OPG Full Jaw Xray taken which will assess Jaw alignment, Wisdom tooth development, Tooth roots, Jaw joints, Sinuses, nerves, Soft tissue – all of which are important to your oral and overall health.

Your check-up appointment will also include an element of education – where we can give you tips of flossing, diet and other issues which may be affecting your oral health. Not a lecture – just a gentle, friendly reminder of any issues that may help you reduce dental emergencies!

While it means less income for us – minor dental treatments like a filling – costs you far less than emergency treatments.  But we would rather see you smiling, than coming in with an emergency.  So that’s why we believe in preventative dentistry, and hope you will see the benefits as well.

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