If you are having issues with an denture – perhaps its loose, or you can’t eat properly – it might be time to see us at Phillip Island Dental in Cowes for a denture reline.  Relining your denture can assist with stability, as our mouth changes with time, and can also change in response to a change of mediation or dosage of medicines we already take. But if you have lost your denture, or don’t like the design of the one you have, then come see us for a consultation, and find out how our amazing skills with denture work can help make you smile again.

High Quality Dentures in Cowes!

You don’t need to drive to Wonthaggi or further afield to get a new denture.  Situated right in the centre of Cowes, next to Bendigo Bank, and across the road from Mitre 10, we are ideally situated to help you.


We offer high-quality Australian made dentures, and can assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you have the confident smile you deserve. We also offer payment plans to help you afford the denture now, without having to save up.

Creating the Smile You Always Wished For!

Dentures Services

Do You Need Dentures?

If you’ve lost one or multiple teeth, or if you have
struggled with periodontal disease, you might find dentures are the option for

Indigestion is a common indicator that you might require new
dentures. As some people with denture difficulties do not chew their food
properly. The larger chunks of food are more difficult to digest in your
stomach… so if you have indigestion, and a denture (or have stopped wearng
yours) then its time to ask your doctor or your dentist about getting a new

How Dentures Are Made?

Dentures are made by taking an impression of your mouth,
which is then utilised to create an acrylic or metal base that hold the
teeth.  This initial impression is then compared to a model of your mouth to ensure that it fits correctly and that you can bite comfortably and effectively

How Long Dentures Last For?

With careful care, removable dentures can endure for many years. You should have your mouth and dentures inspected at least once a year.

If your dentures are worn, cracked, or have somehow deteriorated, they may need to be repaired.

And if they are loose, they may need to be relined.

We can help with all of these issues at Phillip Island Dental in Cowes.


Serving Phillip Island, San Remo, Wonthaggi and Gippsland, from our home in central Cowes.

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