Dental Emergency

If you have tooth pain, chipped a tooth and its aching, or have swelling along with your gum, then it is time to give your dentist a call.  Also for chipped, fractured, or a tooth that has come out, you should give us a call at Phillip Island Dental in Cowes.   Our skilled professional dentists will be able to relieve your pain right away, and let you know the options for treatment.   We also offer payment options through SmileNow, if finance is a worry.

Dental Emergency Phillip Island

We take all dental emergencies extremely seriously at Phillip Island Dental because we realise how painful and stressful they can be. We take the time to make sure you are comfortable, and ensure you are looked after in the best possible way.  You can be certain that when you visit our Cowes dental practice, you will be treated as an ndividual – with the highest quality services.  Our payment options mean you don’t need to worry about the bill or the drill.

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Dental Emergency Services

Tooth Extraction

Tooth pain doesn’t always mean an extraction.   There are a few options – and we will make sure you know the options and prices before you decide. 
Yes, an extraction may be needed – but we will also explain what happens down the track (will the other teeth move for example).

As replacing an extracted tooth is often a costly option, we will also help identify solutions to keep the tooth with a fillig, or perhaps with a root canal, rather than just extracting it. 


When you visit at Phillip Island Dental with a tooth ache, we will diagnose your condition and treat it by determining the source of the problem (e.g. decay, cracked tooth, trauma, periodontal abscess, etc.).

While the pain of a gum infection can also be an issue for many dental emergencies – there are many other dental problems that can cause pain.  It could be a hidden wisdm tooth for example.  

Knocked-out teeth

Don’t be alarmed if a tooth has been knocked out by mistake. Pick up the tooth as soon as possible, without removing any tissues that may still be attached. If you have milk handy drop it into warmed milk.  If not, pop it in some plastic, and bring it with you. We can then see if its possible to try to save the tooth.

Broken Braces

Also braces wires snapping and rubbing against the cheek or gum is a common occurrence. If you can get in to see us right away, cover the sharp end of the wire with orthodontic / dental wax available from most pharamcies, or even with some gauze.

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